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Not a day goes by that a customer doesn’t come in and say, “I need help! I use a topical flea treatment once a month, but my pet still has fleas. What should I do?”

Fleas, like other insects can become immune to the insecticides that are currently available. Not to mention that topical insecticides penetrate your pet’s skin and flow through his/her bloodstream. Ever notice that the instructions warn you about getting it on YOUR skin? Why then is it OK to put it on your pet’s skin?

Fortunately, there are natural, tried and true alternatives. For instance, do you take a daily Vitamin B Complex? Do you find that you are not bothered by mosquitoes or other pesky insects?

It’s true that B Vitamins as well as Garlic and Brewer’s Yeast are natural insect repellents. And, these supplements are also great for energy and overall well-being. And, they are far less expensive than those topical insecticides the vets and big box stores offer.

Now you can protect your pet naturally from the inside out. Click here to see our list of natural flea treatments for your pet.

Did you know that grains, and more specifically wheat can cause your dog or cat to itch? That’s right. Dogs and cats do not require grains in their diet for energy the way we do. Their bodies burn proteins and fats for energy. Grains are the #1 cause of food allergies in pets today. Simply changing his/her diet could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

If your pet always seems to have the “itchies” but doesn’t appear to have fleas; or, if your pet licks his/her feet a lot, come into the store for a free sample of our grain-free foods. And, while you’re on our website, check out our wheat-free/corn-free treats! YUMMY!
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